Thursday, September 18, 2014

North Charleston Real Estate

"Perseverence-Progress-Prosperity" A rather impressive town motto that truly fits North Charleston.

Archdale Hall, Tranquil Hill Plantation, White Hall Plantation, Oak Hill Plantation, Windsor Hill Plantation, Marshlands, Mons Repos, Retreat Plantation, Elms Plantation and Camp Plantation were powerhouses of huge land owners specializing in the growth of cotton, indigo, and rice.

The famed French botanist Andre Michaux owned French Botanical Garden, a small plantation devoted to his botanical study. All of these areas persevered from the Colonial Period through the end of the Civil War. Loss of the slave labor force freed by the Emancipation Proclamation and Union victory lead to the demise of the plantation system.

Enter progress. Industry, once shunned as uncivilized by the southern population, eased its way into this area that was once reserved for the gentleman farmer. Phosphate mining for fertilizer, naval shipbuilding, asbestos, rubber, and lumbering allowed this community not only to survive Reconstruction, but to come out the other side as a thriving, prosperous, successful community with a solid base in commerce. Today's Charleston International Airport and Boeing Aircraft industry demonstrate the city's continued committment to progress that ultimately leads to continued prosperity.

Access to water sports, a plethora of retail shopping areas, fishing pursuits, great golfing, top notch medical care, and entertainment ranging from rock and roll to Broadway with its coliseum and Performing Arts Center make North Charleston THE place to be! If you think that variety is exciting, wait until we show you the range of real estate awaiting you here!

Looking for a small condo or home to begin your progress?  Or maybe a multimillion dollar river or oceanfront estate to revel in your prosperity? Browse our website for available homes for sale in North Charleston. The perseverence on our part to find you that perfect property will make you glad you chose us to help!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making Your Home on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina

Homes and Condos for Sale on the Isle of Palms

What do the H. L. Hunley, shipwreck diving, and beach volleyball have in common?  Why, the seven miles of beautiful island that is Isle of Palms, of course!  

Originally inhabited by the Seewee Indian tribe, the Isle of Palms has a rich agricultural history. By the 1800s, the affluent residents of Charleston began frequenting the breezy open island to escape from the oppressive summer heat & swamp fever of the city. The island received its name in 1899 when developers moved in to seize on its popularity as a vacation spot, building hotels to house the vacationers in style.

Amusement and pavilion facilities began to appear on the island to provide visitors with recreational opportunities. The Civil War kicked Isle of Palms' historical significance up into the stratosphere. The first combat submarine to sink a warship, the H.L. Hunley, was launched from Breach Inlet between Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island.

This magnificent piece of Confederate Civil War History is now available for viewing by the general public as well as artifacts recovered from the wreckage by travelling an easy day trip fom Isle of Palms over to Charleston.  The acclaimed pioneer of underwater archaeology, E. Lee Spence revealed and explored the locations of many blockade runner shipwreck sites along Isle of Palms.

His discovery and recovery of artifacts from the Rattlesnake, Mary Bowers, Stonewall Jackson, Norseman, Constance, and the infamous iron-clad Georgiana have proven invaluable to the understanding of Confederate blockade running tactics, ship design, and history. The Georgiana rests a mere five feet below the surface, and skin diving enthusiasts can easily reach and explore her on clear days by simply holding their breath!  

The sea is rich with enough sea bass, flounder and grouper to thrill the fishing enthusiast.  Water sport opportunities for boating, tubing, jet skiing, and water skiing are plentiful with Isle of Palms' prime location nestled between the Intracoastal Waterway and the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean. Beach volleyball is very popular on Isle of Palms, with the Windjammer Club providing the perfect backdrop for this fun in the sand sport. The exclusive and richly beautiful Wild Dunes Resort is also located on Isle of Palms.

Isle of Palms offers a hodgepodge of real estate variety from condos, to brick ranch homes dating to the post World War II affordable housing boom, to magnificent oceanfront estate homes - as well as property available in the much coveted and admired Wild Dunes Resort. Prices are as varied as the type of home you seek and can range from a $120,000 condo to a multi-million dollar oceanfront mansion.

Visit our website for a list of homes for sale on the Isle of Palms, or contact us today and let us show you the wonder and majesty of island living!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Elegance and Exclusivity at Vista del Mar in Grande Dunes

The Condos at Vista del Mar Myrtle Beach

Have you heard of Vista Del Mar in Myrtle Beach?

Of course not, Vista Del Mar is an exclusive condo community located in the Grande Dunes section of Myrtle Beach. These condos are considered the most luxurious condos along the Grand Strand.

Vista Del Mar is hidden behind a gated entrance near the popular Dunes Club community and golf course. The Mediterranean style buildings offer unmatched amenities as well as the high quality interior touches that are expected when only the best will do. There are many different floor plans to choose from offering the opportunity to make this your primary residence or a second home that you will want to visit often.

The condos are very spacious and offer the best ocean front views you can find along the Myrtle Beach area. When you become an owner at Vista Del Mar, you also receive a membership to all the amenities at the Ocean Club Grande Dunes.

There are plenty of condos you can choose along the Grand Strand yet none of them will compare to Vista Del Mar. If you would like to schedule a private viewing of the units available, please contact one of the Century 21 The Harrelson Group agents. We will be glad to take you a tour of the property as well as look at the various floor plans that are currently offered.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Living on Folly Beach SC

Folly Beach Real Estate

In old English, a folly was an area of dense vegetation- clean and unspoiled. That is just the right description for the beautiful island that is Folly Beach with its lush and appealing landscape. It is an island rich in a varied and fiercely independent minded history that has helped shape it into the vibrant community we know today.

The earliest record of Folly dates from 1696 when it was deeded as a royal grant. The island was at first a favorite of pirates such as Stede Bonnet and Black Beard! It was also known for its shipwrecks, including the brig Amelia. Once commonly referred to as Coffin Island, Folly Island was one of several barrier islands where ships were required to deposit sick passengers before moving into Charleston Harbor, thereby reducing the risk of disease epidemics there. On their trip out of the harbor, ships would stop and pick up those passengers that were still alive and lay to rest those that did not survive. Macabre beginnings no doubt, but its location would thankfully lend itself to a much brighter future.

The original pavilion was built in the 1920s, and rumors abounded that Folly was a hideout and drop off for Lowcountry bootleggers during that age of Prohibition. George Gershwin was drawn to the island and in 1934, he wrote the musical Porgy and Bess and the classic line “Summertime, and the living is easy,” while staying there.

Being the closest beach to the heart of Charleston (just 10 miles away), it was only natural that Folly Beach would ultimately develop into a playground instead of a cemetery. Known by Charlestonians as “the edge of America,” Folly Beach is home to numerous surf spots including the "Washout". Despite its normally calm oceanic conditions, the Washout has helped Folly Beach gain prominence as a more popular surf spot on the East Coast.

Do not be fooled, Folly Beach is for more than the surf's up crowd! It has developed into a very eclectic community welcoming all types of individuals from bird-watchers and fishermen to kite-boarders, kayakers to sunbathers and beach-combers.  Folly Island served as a camp for Union troops beginning in late 1863. Even ghost hunter enthusiasts can find a rich haunting history nearby in Charleston and the other local islands, with walking tours offered from several local businesses.  Its bohemian atmosphere, classic beach downtown area, history, and stunning natural beauty beckon and welcome all types of beach lovers who wish to call the South Carolina coast their home.

Six miles of beautiful beaches, and endless miles of river, marsh, tidal creek and Intracoastal Waterway properties provide endless backdrops and beautiful scenery for homes, condos, villas and townhomes.  Folly Beach has become a long-standing favorite destination for returning vacationers due to its variety of surf and gift shops, restaurants, offices, and night spots, the island offers some of South Carolina's best values in coastal property for both the vacation investor as well as potential resident.

Come experience the area on our Folly Beach web page, and see the available property for sale. Or call us at (843) 871-1710.