Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Does It Take to Sell a Myrtle Beach Home?

I get this question everyday from property owners who are thinking of selling or from owners who have attempted to sell a home and failed. Selling a home in Myrtle Beach is not as difficult as most people think. Follow these few steps and you are on your way to a successful transaction.
  1. Hire an agent with a proven track record. You have to take the experience of the agent seriously. This transaction is too important to do friends a favor, or just hire a random agent that you meet at a grocery store.
  2. Property Condition is more important today than ever before. There is a lot of competition in the market today, so think of your property as being in a beauty pageant. You don't have to refurb a property but at least put it in the best condition possible.
  3. Price is going to be critical. You don't need to give it away, yet you have to make sure that you are competitive in today's market. Look at the research and balance your goal of price with your goals of time.
  4. You must have an agent that has an agressive Marketing Strategy. This is not a market where the agent can list it and forget it. Successful real estate transactions are the result of an active marketing plan. Make sure the agent you choose has a plan before you get started.
Now you know what it takes to get a property sold. At Century 21 The Harrelson Group, we know what it takes to get it sold and we have the marketing strategy to pull it off.  We are your source for Myrtle Beach Real Estate.

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