Saturday, April 30, 2011

Myrtle Beach Expired Home Listings

Why does a MLS listing expire without a sale?

Each morning, there is a new list of Myrtle Beach homes and condos that fail to sell. These are called "Expired Listings". Typically, these properties have been listed for sale with a Myrtle Beach Realtor for 6 or more months and were not sold.

So why does a perfect home or condo end up on the Myrtle Beach Expired List?
The answer will differ depending on who you ask...

- Ask a Seller and they will say the agent didn't do anything.
- Ask an Agent and they will say that the seller over-priced the property.
- Ask me and I will say the property was not marketed aggressively.

You have to decide which answer you will accept, yet most professional agents across the country would agree that the marketing of a property for sale has the biggest influence on the success of the sale.

Putting a property on the MLS is not marketing. Everyone puts their listings on the local MLS and the internet. The key is to choose a realtor who goes beyond the norm to market a home. E-blasts, database farming, brochures, flyers, phone calls, fax marketing and the list can go on and on - these are the types of things that are done to get a property sold.

Just last week, over 200 properties showed up on the MLS expireds list. That means 200 properties failed to sell in one week alone. Think about how many that will be in a year's time.

If you have a home for sale in North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Little River, or anywhere else in the country, you need an agent that has a written marketing plan to get your property sold. If they can't show you a plan then you are taking a great risk if you choose to use them to sell your property.

Remember, a strong marketing plan keeps you off the Myrtle Beach MLS  Expireds list.

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