Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Edgewater Condos in Barefoot Resort

Featuring the many amenities of the world-class Barefoot Resort and offering a range of floor plans, sizes and price points, the Edgewater Condos make owning a luxurious slice of paradise affordable to just about everyone. Ranging in size from 1,400 to more than 2,100 square feet, these 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom condominiums offer some of the best selection Barefoot Resort has to offer at prices ranging from around $250K into the $500s. In addition to the other amenities that come with the good life at Barefoot Resort, these superb condominiums also come with an Intracoastal Waterway boardwalk just for owners along with a community boat dock.

Other amenities include the resort’s four world-famous golf courses, the Fazio, Dye, Norman and Love courses. There’s also the resort’s full-service Barefoot Landing Marina, one of the finest on the East Coast.  Near the marina, residents can also use the state’s largest saltwater swimming pool, three-quarters of an acre overlooking the 2 marinas and the Waterway.

The resort’s Residents Club features another huge pool, tennis and basketball courts, and a clubhouse that’s perfect for entertaining large groups. Owners and their guests can also enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails crisscrossing the resort’s 2,300 lush acres. The beach is just across Hwy 17 and during the summer the Barefoot Resort has a free shuttle service to the private cabanas on the beach.

Check out our new website for Barefoot Realty and Barefoot Resort if you would like to learn all there is to learn about these communities.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Real Estate Law of Supply and Demand

For the past 7 years, property owners have been waiting for Myrtle Beach home prices to increase. The hope that the government would save the economy or banks would do more loan modifications were amongst the leading ideas that consumers listed as ways to save the collapsing real estate market.

In the end, there is one significant influencing factor that has to occur for prices to increase in any real estate market.

Supply must GO DOWN in order to see an upward tick in real estate prices. Of course, demand is almost equally important. We have to have buyers to buy the supply if movement is to occur. However, there are times when there is a lot of demand and a lot of supply and the market prices stay stagnant. In Myrtle Beach, we have seen this for a few years now. So, Supply is the key factor.

We will hear many arguments about where home prices in Myrtle Beach are heading. One thing that is not being argued right now is supply. Measuring supply is simple, factual and can be monitored easily through the MLS.

It is a fact that supply is on the decline in Myrtle Beach right now. In many cases, supply is down over 50% in condo buildings as well as residential neighborhoods.

If supply is on the decline then prices have to make a move upward. It is called the Law of Supply and Demand. This law applies to real estate all over America.

In addition to more positive prices, we also see average days on market decreasing as well as multiple offers on our active inventory. Of course, I am not claiming we are about to see a booming real estate market in Myrtle Beach anytime soon. I will step out and claim that the market has made a much needed shift which allows many home owners or condo owners in Myrtle Beach a chance to sell.

The agents at Century 21 The Harrelson group are a dedicated group of Myrtle Beach Realtors looking to serve the consumer at the highest level. If we can be of service to you or anyone you know, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

The Harrelson Group has successfully served over 1000 buyers and home sellers in Myrtle Beach in 2012. We hope to serve you next.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Myrtle Beach Home Prices on the Rise?

Owners of Myrtle Beach real estate have been asking what home prices have been doing most recently. The good news is that home prices in the Grand Strand have seen some increases. Not only have we seen the available inventory shrink to multi-year lows but we have seen a gradual increase in some pockets of the market.

Prices of Myrtle Beach homes for sale have increased in some areas, giving the owners a sense of confidence that they will be able to get their property sold. The same is happening in the condo market where we are seeing less inventory coming onto the market. With less foreclosures and short sales being listed for sale, traditional owners are able to sell their properties at a price a bit higher than before.

Though this report comes with a breathe of fresh air, it is important to understand that a full recovery could be years away. The best news I can deliver is that the falling prices have stopped at this time and we do not see any reason why it would start again.

Let us know if you would like to see how the changing prices could impact your property. We have been working the real estate market of Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach for years and would be more than happy to show you what is taking place at this time.

*From Greg - presently in Mexico on top of a volcano for Easter Seals!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homeowners to Get Help from FEMA for Hurricane Sandy

As all of our thoughts go out to the northeast and those cities that have suffered so much devastation with Hurricane Sandy, the government is offering some help with homeowners that used Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for their mortgages.

Homeowners in communities declared as Disaster Areas by President Obama due to the hurricane and have Freddie Mac mortgages will be eligible for a "payment holiday" for up to a year as well as having late fees and penalties waived by the loan programs or mortgage companies that used them to service the mortgage.

While the options are available, they will be determined on a case-by-case basis and probably closely monitored. Fannie Mae mortgages can be granted forbearance of payments and fees for 90 day increments, with extra time granted, based on the damages and hardship on the borrower.

Locations that were declared as major Disaster Areas with Hurricane Sandy include New York, New Jersey, Connecticutt, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Maryland. Information can be found on this FEMA Disaster Page -

This is good news for new and established homeowners that are in for weeks of cleanup and expenses.

This kind of help is also a lifesaver to all those that have homes for sale and must repair the properties to a sellable condition after any kind of major disaster. Home sales tend to slow or stall in these areas, adding to the hardship and monetary loss to the cities and the residents in them. It has been estimated the this hurricane/winter storm may affect as many as 284,000 homes and produce losses to nearly $90 billion dollars.

South Carolina was fortunate to have no damage from the storm, but homes and condos for sale in Myrtle Beach  may indirectly be affected as many of our buyers are retirees and investors from the northeast where the devastation was so paralyzing. These government aid programs will help the entire country to recover a little faster, perhaps.

Photo of Outer Banks in Hurricane Sandy by

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Real Estate - Getting a Second Chance

Myrtle Beach Short Sale Seller to Home Purchaser in less than 18 months

We have seen so many property owners in Myrtle Beach and other areas of the Grand Strand who have found themselves owning a home, condo or land where the mortgage is significantly higher than the property value. Not only has this happened to investors in Myrtle Beach, it has happened in real estate markets all across America.

There are many fears that a homeowner faces when finding themeselves in this situations. Probably the biggest fear I hear is the negative credit reporting issues that one may face if they do a short sale. It is true, there could be some negative impacts on a credit report, yet many sellers are realizing that a temporary blemish on credit for the ability to sell a problem investment out-weighs the benefit and could be a smart decision.

In the Myrtle Beach real estate market, we are starting to see the mortgage lenders start to lend again. With so many owners going though the short sale process, lenders are having to consider loosening their mortgage criteria in order to do so. There are so many good borrowers who found themselves stuck in a bad investment, yet have never missed payments other than that one property they bought at the top of the real estate market. Banks are starting to look at the total borrower - not just their credit report.

Early this year, we had a buyer get qualified for a mortgage even though they had just sold their home 15 months ago via the short sale process. In this case, they were forgiven thousands of dollars via a short sale and were able to buy again. Most owners don't know this is a possibility, therefore stay in underwater homes for fear they will never get a loan again.

Every situation is different and it is important that you discuss your options with a real estate professional before making any decisions. There are more solutions offered from the banks than you may know.

Please contact us if you want to know how to qualify for a loan even if you are in need of short- selling a home or condo in the Myrtle Beach area.
~Greg Harrelson

Monday, July 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach Short Sales are the Investors Choice

Most of us know the real estate market in Myrtle Beach has taken a turn for the better. It is amazing how many buyers are telling me they wished they would have purchased a foreclosure last year. Myrtle Beach was one of the hardest hit markets in America which means there are  great investment opportunities at very low prices. Of course, many investors are becoming frustrated because the number of foreclosures on the market has taken a significant decline. When one does come on the market, there is likely to be 3-4 offers on it within two days.

So, how do you get a deal on in Myrtle Beach?

It just may be the Short Sale listings...

Short Sales in Myrtle Beach
have seen an increase in showings. Recently, I listed a short sale on the oceanfront which had three offers on it. You heard me correct...3 offers competing for a short sale. I don't need to make predictions about the real estate market because you know what it means when properties for sale are receiving multiple offers.

There are still some great deals on short sales in our area. Just like foreclosures, these short sales won't be here for ever. I suggest you make your move soon if you plan to time the market and buy at the lowest price point. There will always be homes and condos for sale in Myrtle Beach yet the days of these rock bottom prices are coming to an end.

Be responsible when investing in Myrtle Beach or any other market around the country. Make sure you are dealing with an experienced professional who will give you accurate and honest information.

Feel free to download an updated list of short sale listings and foreclosures in Myrtle Beach.
Download Instantly for free by clicking

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents Wanted

Is this your best year ever in Myrtle Beach real estate?

We all know the Myrtle Beach area real estate market has been very active this year. Despite the the volatile stock market and the confusing economy, our local market has provided us an opportunity to build a very rewarding real estate business and enjoy improving the lifestyle of our clients and their families.

So, are you having your best year ever?
Hopefully, each of you answered yes!

Moving forward, it is important that you do not rely on the upturn in our local real estate market to provide you added business. Of course, it is always nice when an improving market will gift us a few extra deals but it is critical that you understand that there is so much more than a few extra deals available for those that focus on building their business.

I personally believe that we are about to see more sales done by fewer agents. Here are a two reasons why this will likely be the case.

  1. There are more agents involved in companies that have coaching programs. There is a big difference in training versus coaching. Everyone has training but those that are getting coached are likely going to see a quantum leap in their production.
  2. There are a few companies dominating the Internet for real estate terms in Myrtle Beach. Those few companies are generating more quality buyer leads then we ever imagined in the past. More leads with fewer agents means more deals per agent and more net profits.
I'm sure you've noticed, there is a lot of recruiting going on these days. Each of us are getting emails daily wanting us to join a new company with promises that their high commission split is the key to making us more money.

I am all for each of us making more money. But what happened to the days when a company recruited us because they could offer more value than another company?  In the end, most agents around the country are looking for a good team-like environment where they can have fun at work and make a great living for their families.

If you are thinking of making a change, now is the time. I would like to have a few moments to discuss our coaching program as well as show you the traffic and number of company generated leads we are distributing to our agents. It is up to you to decide if there is a value above what you currently have.

And as always, C21 The Harrelson Group is dedicated to our clients. We want only an agent that truly cares and will give what it takes to make the buyers and sellers of real estate in Myrtle Beach have a trouble-free, extra profitable real estate transaction.

Please email me, text me or give me a call. "Let's make each of the next five years your best year ever!"
~Greg Harrelson

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Myrtle Beach Real Estate is Moving

Garden City Beach Houses

There is no doubt that Myrtle Beach real estate is on the move. I know the media has been sharing all of the horror stories about investors buying condos and losing thousands of dollars. These stories have been true yet there is another story about to be told and we may want to pay attention.

Remember, the real estate crash in Myrtle Beach started in late 2005 which is nearly 7 full years ago. The amount of losses rival with some of the biggest losses in history. With all of that said, at some point the Myrtle Beach real estate market will recover. Like most markets, you never know when they will recover until after recovery has taken place.

Study the following changes that are oc curring in Myrtle Beach and you decide which way the market is moving...

1. Inventory is decreasing in most areas as much as 30%.
2. Many listed properties are receiving multiple offers to purchase.
3. Land sales are on track for a significant increase in 2012.
4. Builders are starting spec homes again.
5. Custom homes are becoming popular again.
6. Banks are loaning at a faster pace right now.
7. More people are getting real estate licenses.
8. The average days it takes to get a property sold has decreased.

When you review the list above, which way do you think the market is heading? It doesn't sound as if it is going to drop more anytime soon.

Nobody can predict the market. All we can do is look at the fundamentals of real estate and make an educated guess as to what we think will happen. Personally, I believe it is time to get serious about making some real estate investments in Myrtle Beach and make a move before the media starts talking again. Once it is on the news, it's old news!

Please understand, investing should not be done without good information. You want to make sure you have a knowledgeable real estate agent on your side.

Any agent can sell you a property, but not all agents can help you make a great investment. You may be looking for a Myrtle Beach home or a condo on the ocean, in either case, there are opportunities out there.

Again, don't fall into the trap that investors did last time. The Myrtle Beach real estate market will be a buy and hold market, not that crazy buy, flip and become a billionaire over night.

Wealth will be created over the long haul.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents Receive Awards

While many people are complaining that the Myrtle Beach Real Estate market remains inactive, there are some full time real estate agents who are setting records.

A few Century 21 The Harrelson Group agents have received some impressive awards that are only given to agents who are on the move.

A few awards worth mentioning...

Top Agents Awards go to Brendon Payne, John Lindstrand, Renee Fletcher, Jill Powell, Greg Harrelson, Laura Garlitz, Eric Wilson and Carrie Amick.

In addition to the success these agents have experienced, Century 21 The Harrelson Group has received awards for being the

#1 office in South Carolina for most sales,
#1 office of most sales volume
#1 office for most production per agent.

These awards are handed out by the corporate office of Century 21 from New Jersey.  Earning this type of recognition is only done when a group of agents have taken their profession seriously and provided solutions for buyers and sellers.  We strive to always be your best Myrtle Beach Real Estate resource!