Monday, July 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach Short Sales are the Investors Choice

Most of us know the real estate market in Myrtle Beach has taken a turn for the better. It is amazing how many buyers are telling me they wished they would have purchased a foreclosure last year. Myrtle Beach was one of the hardest hit markets in America which means there are  great investment opportunities at very low prices. Of course, many investors are becoming frustrated because the number of foreclosures on the market has taken a significant decline. When one does come on the market, there is likely to be 3-4 offers on it within two days.

So, how do you get a deal on in Myrtle Beach?

It just may be the Short Sale listings...

Short Sales in Myrtle Beach
have seen an increase in showings. Recently, I listed a short sale on the oceanfront which had three offers on it. You heard me correct...3 offers competing for a short sale. I don't need to make predictions about the real estate market because you know what it means when properties for sale are receiving multiple offers.

There are still some great deals on short sales in our area. Just like foreclosures, these short sales won't be here for ever. I suggest you make your move soon if you plan to time the market and buy at the lowest price point. There will always be homes and condos for sale in Myrtle Beach yet the days of these rock bottom prices are coming to an end.

Be responsible when investing in Myrtle Beach or any other market around the country. Make sure you are dealing with an experienced professional who will give you accurate and honest information.

Feel free to download an updated list of short sale listings and foreclosures in Myrtle Beach.
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