Monday, April 15, 2013

The Truth about Infusionsoft for Real Estate Agents

                     The Best Tool for Managing Leads - Infusionsoft

In the real estate industry today, there are so many companies creating the "next BIG thing" - and promising  that it will change our business forever. Of course, each of these new ideas come with a heavy upfront cost and ongoing monthly charges. The most common outcome is that the agent takes on this new system to later find out that it does not produce the results they were promised.

Automating to increase the number of leads you are getting is becoming a huge topic. I predict that agents will spend more money this year than ever before on drip systems, campaign software and websites that are optimized to capture internet leads. I will breakdown how true automation for lead generation works...

How does Infusionsoft work?

1) Assuming you already have a website, you simply take the lead that you captured and enter it into an Infusionsoft account.

2) Once in Infusionsoft, you activate a drip campign specific to the type of lead that you just uploaded into the system. Infusionsoft will allow you to create as many different campaigns as you need. I suggest you do this for every lead type you can think of.

3) Now that your campaigns are working, Infusionsoft will allow you to monitor the clicking activity of those in your database.

4) When you see one of your leads clicking on a lot of your content, you then have Infusionsoft trigger an alert that reminds you to call this lead.

Imagine having 1000 people in this system. It may seem far-fetched today, yet building a database can happen sooner than you think. Take all of your old buyer leads and place them in the system. Add your COI and past customers as well as every attorney or mortgage person you have ever worked with. Next thing you know, you have 1000 potential leads in your system.

Okay, I admit, there are a few additional steps necessary to execute on this plan.  I am trying to give you a very brief idea of how this works. Go to Infusionsoft for real estate agents to read more about it and learn how to use it.

Warning! There is a big difference in an autoresponder and an automated lead generating tool. I will explain more on that topic in an upcoming blog which will be posted on

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