Saturday, February 22, 2020

Top Myrtle Beach Realtors - How To Maximize the Sales Price

The Myrtle Beach real estate market has been extremely active in the last 2 years. Prices have increased and sellers are getting multiple offers in many cases.

Though the market is hot, a good Realtor is still able to get you a more favorable price when the property is marketed aggressively. The last thing you want is an agent that becomes complacent because the market is so hot. You still need a top agent that wants to maximize your exposure and create the most demand.

Let’s face it....the more the demand, the better the price and faster it sells.

I have been a top-selling realtor in Myrtle Beach for over 20 years and make it my mission to get my clients the highest price.

A few important tips:

  1.  Understand your first showing will be online. So, professional photos are a must. It’s a beauty contest and great photos win every time.

  2.  A proper pricing strategy is key. I’m not talking about a low price, I’m referring to studying the market and finding that price point that will balance frequent showings and higher price.

  3.  Pay attention to showing volume and feedback. Too often, an agent will not get feedback from buyers who have viewed the home daily to communicate that to the seller. Listening to feedback and taking action on the little things that can make a difference and do wonders.

If you are looking for a Top Realtor in Myrtle Beach then I would love to share a marketing plan that will help you sell the home and reach the price targets you need. Want to know more about me? See my bio on the website below, and learn about our "Easy Exit Listing Agreement Guarantee".

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Greg Harrelson

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